User Research


A cooperative fine motor training game for preschool children with developmental delay

My role: User Research, Interface Prototyping

Team: 王奕方、王邦任、鄭竣丰

I'm fascinated by creating technologies that can make an impact on people.

PinchFun is a cooperative fine motor training game for preschool children with developmental delay. Developmental delay children can make progress through early intervention and training. However, from the field observation in the early intervention center and interviews with occupational therapist and parents, we found that:

Traditional fine motor training techniques are monotone and bore kids easily.
The training cannot continue at home. Parents rarely take part in the training.

We re-design the training into an interactive game called PinchFun to improve the training effect. To entertain and attract children, PinchFun integrates the tangible controller and the virtual interactive game to optimize learning impact and gaming experience. To enhance parents involvement and make the game more immersive, the game mission is designed to be completed cooperatively.

PinchFun employs the force-sensitive resistor (FSR) to detect the level of pressure of fingers.
Leap motion controller used to detect the hand gesture. The rubber band creates resistance against fingers to add the training milestone difficulty. The idea of using band is learned from traditional training.

We conduct several user evaluations in two special schools in Taipei and iterated the prototypes according to the preliminary results. The qualitative results showed that the gaming feedback, i.e. sound and graphics reacting to the 'clip' gesture, brings fun and activates learning motivation. Children showed excitement during gameplay; they would react according to each other's performance and stay more focused on the game than in traditional training.

Award: 'Winner', ACM SIGCHI 2016 Student Game Competition, Games for a Purpose

You can view CHI'16 Extended Abstract for more game design & research details.

ACM CHI 2016 Student Game Competition in San Jose, California. I was demonstrating the game to a participant from Canada.