User Research

Motion Guidance Sleeve

A haptic sleeve for enhancing Tai chi learning

My role: Experiment Design, Quantitative Analysis, Prototyping

Team: 陳彥妤

Online videos make it possible and popular to do exercise and fitness at home. However, for the practitioners, it's not easy to notice the subtle change of motion by merely watching training videos, so they cannot perform the movements well.

In the field study in the on-site Tai chi (太極) classroom, we found that the coach would hold the practitioner's arm to correct the motion, which inspired us to 'design a virtual coach' to enhance the learning of tai chi.


We have designed 'external artificial muscles' on a sleeve to create a pulling sensation that can gently guide the forearm’s pronation (internal rotation) and the forearm’s supination (external rotation). We conduct two preliminary experiments to verify the system:

The first one is directional response task to measure the clarity of pulling direction. The result shows that this system can effectively guide the forearm to rotate in the correct direction with a 99.87% accuracy in average.

The second one utilizes the tactile cue. The cue consists of a 2-second directional cue and several 0.5-second angle targeting cues. The results show that users can be guided to the targeted angle by utilizing a tactile cue.

Paper Published in Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '16)

You can download the paper from ACM digital library and watch my presentation at CHI '16 below :)